MCA Construction Trades Awareness Awards

Annually, the MCA Education Foundation distributes $1,500 financial awards to help industrial arts instructors at Montana middle/high schools fund projects, programs, events, etc. that bring attention in their school and community to careers in construction. Special consideration is given to:

The award application period for the 2024/25 school year has closed.

Testimonial from 2023 grant recipient, Chip Rinehart, Industrial Trades educator, Missoula Hellgate High School:
“I wanted to thank MCA and your members for supporting our High School Industrial Trades and technology programs. I have been fortunate to be awarded a grant the last two years that we used to take students on tours, create a reader board promoting student work and trade jobs, and bribe the school newspaper with newsstands to do monthly articles about various tradesmen and women. My two co-workers(Alan Pfister-Welding, Brian Hoover-engineering and design) and myself (Building Trades) were motivated by MCA’s commitment to us to go all out for construction week. I wanted to thank you for the motivation.

The point of this note is thank you. MCA not only was the motivator, but many of my contacts came from your organization. Thank you for supporting not only Hellgate High School, but the industrial technologies and trades in general. For what it is worth it has made a direct impact on our students here at Hellgate. ​Please share my gratitude with your members and divisions/committees. I sort of guessed on some of the emails in hopes that this will be forward on. We appreciate your work. Thank you — Alan, Brian, and Chip”