For Parents & Educators

During the next ten years, the construction industry will need additional workers to cover new work and a retiring workforce. And, consider this: Construction workers’ pay in Montana averaged $52,969, seven percent more than all private sector employees in the state. Employees in the construction industry can earn great starting wages without accumulating the large sums of debt that come with college degrees that may not provide an employment guarantee.

Building schools, hospitals, and sports stadiums is exciting work. Unlike many other industries, construction provides the opportunity to build something tangible that can be utilized by countless individuals and groups. In many instances, a construction employee can point to a project that was competed many years ago, and proudly exclaim, “I built that!”

We understand that you want your child or student to be successful in life! You want to send them “off into the world” on the right path with a career that:

  • Meets his/her interests
  • Offers continuing opportunities to learn and advance
  • Financially is rewarding

Today’s construction sites require skilled craftspeople that embrace changing technology, understand complex projects, place safety as a top priority, and collaborate with many people “on the team!”

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