Make Contact

K-12 Schools

For many employers, this seems like one of the hardest steps on the road to helping build our workforce. However, it’s nothing to be nervous about. Here are some easy instructions to follow to make that initial contact with educators in your area:

  • Locate a list of K-12 schools in your area by visiting the Montana Office of Public Instruction’s online directory:
  • Most Montana schools have their own websites, so visit those websites to search for the names of industrial arts or CTE instructors. Make note of their contact information (phone numbers and email addresses). No instructors specific to the trades? No problem – the school counselor or administrators will work too.
  • Send an email introducing yourself and your company.

Remember, schools are busy places – a lot like construction companies. Follow up with a phone call to your contact at the school if you don’t hear back right away. Don’t give up! Keep trying to make contact.

Two-year Colleges, Certificate Programs

Montana’s two-year colleges and certificate programs are valuable resources for future employees. Click here to view a list of programs and colleges in Montana. Administrators of these trade programs are dedicated to working with industry in Montana to ensure they are providing the appropriate education and skills for their students to be successful when they enter the workforce. They want to hear from you! In addition, they recognize the value of making connections between the students in their programs and businesses – it’s a great way to ensure their students find employment in a timely manner after graduation.